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Amazon Brawl

0.jpgCensorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove Developer / Publisher: toffisama Platform: PC / Windows Version: Language interface: English Language of voice: Japanese System requirements (minimum): Windows2000 / WindowsXP / Windows Vista / Windows7 / DirectX 9.0c or greater

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Control: A-hit
S-special strike (can be combined: backward backward S, forward forward S etc)
D-capture ("sex-scene", available when the enemy was dealt a little damage and the icon turned red, can also be combined with all the arrows (well, type up / down / left / right + D)
Arrow keys - movement / jumps
Periodically in different zones on the head falls something (depending on the zone) and if you hit the enemy or you with a reddened icon, then they start "sex-scene" without your participation)
The long-term "sex-scene" depends on how much the icon is red
You can play alone on 1 computer) Fun)
Management of 2 players:
Movement - arrows on NumPad (4,6,8,2)
A = J
S = K
D = L

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make pls an PC zip file english pls pls

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the game doesnt running

fix it plz

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one punch man


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