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Monster Girl Island



Genre: 3D, ADV, SLG, Monster Girl, Reverse Rape, Straight
Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: Redamz
Language: English


A 3D game featuring an ensemble of monster girls, Monster Girl Island is currently in the works by small independent developers Redamz.
Redamz has been meticulously working on Monster Girl Island for several months now using the popular Unity 5 game engine. Even if the game is still in its very early stages of development, there are already several interesting features planned for it. What is currently known is that you will be able to explore Monster Girl Island from a first person perspective and interact with objects and NPCs (the titular monster girls). The game will also feature a visual novel-like dialogue system; a “lewd scene system” (sex scenes), cutscenes, items and of course something a proper lewd game should always have – a groping system. The developer mentioned that not every girl will be central to the game’s plot, and there will be several hidden events and girls you will be able to discover by exploring the island.

Average: 3.4 (13 votes)


Chase's picture

It looks fun 

Bobby's picture

Any updates on the games? btw thanks for the upload doe

Somthing 's picture

monster_girl_iland_ torrent wahts that?

Good's picture

Send me more 

Anonymous's picture

what installer should i use?

Zero's picture

need more gone spend monney on thet its 100/100 stars ned more zundere and jandere ^^


dunreeper's picture

HOW do ii download it when i click on the download button it just take me to i site full of letters and numbers plz hep me

gray's picture

how can i make english this game

matth3wb23's picture

hmn... how to install a torrent?

Anonymous's picture

not entirely sure but try changing the file type to .bat or.exe

Anonymous's picture

nevermind that did not work


Anonymous's picture

to install it you get a program like bittorrent and open the file in there and it gives you a rar file wich has the game because the torrent itself does not have the actual game on it

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