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Anons Pie Adventures

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You know, I was actually enjoying the story. And then I got hard.

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Page 66 and 67.0_0

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on page 128 twilight's mout was three different colors

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One Punch Man xD


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ahhh, i see anon is a man of culture as well....

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Idk why but anon in pg.62 kinda looks like kratos the god of war because of the red line from his head to his chest and that he is fucking built and bald.pls reply if you see the resemblance.

holly shit a death punch on page 205

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Doesn't matter how long should i ait, i'll always be here for more. Мать ебал

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I love this!!!!!!!

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After altered colour blood with Danganronpa, there goes rainbow sperm.

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i dont think this is really humor its more or less just a comic parody with some innapropriate scenes and subtle hints. its realy good and i very much hope there will be more(if there isnt already)  given how big this comic is im hoping for more sexual scenes by the third comic.(unless this is an ongoings in wich case starting somewhere between pg 400 to 550 maybe?)

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Page 200 is a reference to Kenshiro

Omae Wa Mou Shinderou


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You can quote it? I can't find it :c

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On 168 I thought that was a fucking eye in a vagina

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Stop looking at porn

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On page 89 is a fallout reference.

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came for the porn, stayed for the plot.

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For a porn comic, he sure does put a lot of work into hiding his dick

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anon smash

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Realy can't wait for the new pages, I really want to at least know when it will continue. Really good and I hope it will continue.

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Look ...One Punch Man in MLP (XD)

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I look at comics that have plot and story so keep it up

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its over 9000

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When I turned to the 1st page I'm like o shit my little pony dis guy is a mlp luver 

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